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Day 1 – The Art & Science of Math Education conference will take place on Saturday November 17th and will feature keynote addresses, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and more from our esteemed presenters.

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Day 2 – Optional – JUMP Math: A balanced approach to numeracy skill-building and problem-solving professional development session will take place on Sunday, November 18th

The second day of the conference is an optional JUMP Math Professional Development DayFounded in 2001, JUMP Math is a charity that is dedicated to realizing the potential of all children by encouraging a love of math in students and educators. It is driven by the conviction that all students can learn math. JUMP publishes highly effective classroom math programs for grades K-8.

This session will introduce participants to the evidence-based design and balanced instructional approach of JUMP Math, explain its philosophy and prepare them to implement it to achieve maximum impact on student learning.

In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • promoting positive learning environments and building confidence in students;
  • maintaining a balanced approach to mathematics by concurrently addressing conceptual and procedural learning, explicit and inquiry-based learning;
  • achieving understanding and mastery by breaking mathematics down into sequential, scaffolded steps, while still allowing students to make discoveries;
  • keeping all students engaged and attentive by “raising the bar” incrementally;
  • guiding students strategically to explore and discover the beauty of mathematics as a symbolic language connected to the real world and;
  • using continuous assessment to ensure all students are engaged and none are left behind.

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